I began attending beauty school in 1976.  One afternoon, I decided to take a break from wrapping roller-sets to get my hair washed.  My instructor, Ms. Marie Wood, bluntly questioned, “Did you ask permission to get your hair washed?” Just the sound of her voice made me jump up and go back to my assignment.  I never even noticed I still had shampoo in my hair.  Out of all my beauty school memories, that one really stands out.  Marie was a firm, yet understanding teacher.  She knew how to make learning fun and entertaining, but she never lost command of the classroom.  Like her, I became a beauty school instructor at a young age.  Marie taught me the leadership and strength that would carry me throughout my career and realize my dream of opening my own beauty school…   As years passed, Marie became a beloved friend.  More recently, Marie would come to my school to get her hair done and tell stories to the next generation of cosmetologists. Sadly, Marie Wood passed away July 2010.  For those of us who had the opportunity of knowing her, she had a remarkable personality who lived life to the fullest.  Her memory will always be remembered by all who knew and loved her.

You will always be in my heart.

With Love,

Ms. Maria

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