dry or dehydrated skincare

Ask the Esthetician: Is my skin dry or dehydrated?

If you’re training to become an esthetician, it’s important to understand the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Both can feel dry, flaky, itchy, tight, and dull; however, knowing the difference can help you choose the right products and treatments to help your clients look and feel their best.

Our partners at Dermalogica, have created the infographic below to review the characteristics of dry and dehydrated skin. Plus, you’ll learn the lipid-rich treatments to retain moisture and combat dryness as well as the water-rich products to rehydrate and balance the skin.

To learn more about starting your career in skincare, visit our esthetician page. Or, check out the products that new students receive in their Dermalogica kit. Use your new knowledge of ingredients to see which of the kit products will be best to treat dry or dehydrated skin.

dermalogica dry vs dehydrated skin

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